Best Billionaire Romance Novels

It’s no wonder that women fall in love with romantic billionaire books - and the possessive alpha males that happen to reside in them. We live in a capitalist society after all, and what’s sexier than a wealthy dominant who’s not afraid to express his desires, while falling for a normal, down-to-earth woman?

Most all billionaire romance novels revolve around these elements. It’s why they’re so captivating and popular. Some people think this genre simply has the hottest romantic reads ever. It’s a pretty common secret (or not so secret!) desire to fall in love with the perfect man with a broken soul who needs her to help him heal.

So, let’s dive in. Here are our top billionaire romance books to help you find your next steamy read!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

If you’re living on this planet, there’s no chance that you haven’t heard of this one yet. 50 Shades of Grey is the first book of the romantic and modern trilogy that has taken over the world. The fantasies of so many women are explicitly played between Ana and Christian.

Bizarre, unconditional, passionate but also painful. There’s a lot of steamy scenes hiding in the pages that will make you feel… something! You will find questioning yourself, what’s it like to be Ana, so innocent to the relationship yet so open to experimenting, and how would you react to Christian’s demands. If you’re looking for something intense yet romantic, this is the book for you.


Anastasia Steele gets to meet the young, widely admired entrepreneur, Christian Grey during an interview. She finds him to be a brilliant and attractive but also intimidating figure. After their meeting, the innocent and down-to-earth Ana realizes that she’s starting to like this man.

Not able to resist his enigmatic reserve, she tries to find a way to get close to him. Seduced by Ana’s character and independent spirit, Grey confesses that he’s into her too. But before becoming a part of his life, Ana has to sign a contract and live under his own terms.

While his life seems perfect from the outside looking in, it is far from perfect. Behind his successful career, great wealth and caring family hide the demons from his past that he cannot control. He’s also a control freak when it comes to relationships.

It is an interesting combination because Ana likes her freedom. While fighting to stay independent, she falls in love even more. But once entering his world, Ana gets to discover his darkest secrets, while exploring her own steamy cravings too.

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Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is an extraordinary writer. She’s even described as an “erotica specialist” and some would call this book a dark billionaire romance. Meaning, she’s excellent in combining romance with explicit scenes. The way she writes makes you feel like you’re one of the characters in the book - like you’re the one experiencing all the intensity. She knows how to make you really experience the world she creates.

Reflected in you isn’t an exception. It’s an excellent book you will fall in love with. The title of the book perfectly describes the relationship between Eva and Gideon. Reflected in each other stands for obsession, addiction, jealousy, love, and heartbreak. Expect a lot of hot moments in the book along with undeniable chemistry between your new favorite characters; both broken on the inside with a heart full of passion.


Gideon Cross, as attractive and perfect on the outside as broken and tortured on the inside. He introduced Eva to the darkest pleasures and cravings that she wasn’t even aware she wanted. She couldn’t keep her distance. She didn’t want to keep her distance. He was her addiction, her every desire, her everything.

Her violent past left her broken on the inside, just like he was. They would never work together. The moments when desperate love and passion takes place in their relationship are the moments they live for. Even though they drive each other crazy. Their romance evolved into the purest love story and turned into a New York Times Bestseller.

Naked by Raine Miller

Brilliant and hilarious, Naked will become your favorite billionaire romance novel. If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh but also feel the tingles, this is the book for you. This book is often compared to 50 shades of grey, and even called a knock-off - but after reading it, people typically change their mind.

If you go online, you’ll hear the first half of the book is better than the second. But in general, the book is enjoyable just like the rest of the books written by Raine Miller. In Naked, you will encounter unusual and funny moments that you won’t be able to forget. You won’t be able to tell if you were mainly entertained by the funny elements or touched by the romantic ones.


Bare desire. Hidden satisfaction. A romance you won’t be able to forget. Brynne Bennett has made a decision to live drama-free. She leads a laidback lifestyle, always focused on her studies and a part-time job which is working as a photographic model. Worlds collide when Ethan Blackstone, a successful and charming London businessman, buys her nude portrait and can’t stop thinking about her. He’s dreaming of possessing something more than just her artwork. He craves to have her in his bed, fulfilling his every desire.

He’s the type of guy who doesn’t accept no for an answer, and he’s got no problem with revealing his desire. His wish to dominate captivates Brynne but she goes against her own needs. Will she fall under his spell? Or keep her distance? They both keep huge secrets.

Will Ethan heal her wounds, so she feels comfortable showing who she really is? Or will Ethan’s dark past destroy their fairytale and chance at happiness?

Unforgettable. Passionate. Intense. Naked is one of those stories you can’t help falling in love with. If you’re a strong female dreaming of meeting a man powerful enough to strip your soul along with your body, this read will suck you in.

The Plan by Qwen Salsbury

Reading the description of this book makes you want to buy it right away and see if Emma gets prince untouchable down on his knees. He’s the type of man every female is attracted to in waking life. He’s got the looks, the cocky attitude and the broken soul that just waits to be fixed by someone he would never expect to like.

You will find yourself wondering, where has this author been all your life?

Insanely comical. Romantic. Sexy. Passionate. Original and addictive. This book will put a smile on your face. It’s an unforgettable novel that will sweep you off your feet. Don’t hesitate to read it today!


Emma Baker has never said a word to Alaric Canon. Neither did he to her. However, she’s analyzing him every day across the office window for nearly a year. Canon is tough and fierce, and also insanely attractive and intimidating to boot. He’s also the most poker-faced person Emma has ever seen.

Emma’s co-workers have their own betting pool for Canon’s personal assistants being fired. They all leave the job as his personal assistant because of his high standards and zero tolerance. Everyone in the office knows he’s cruel. They avoid interacting with him as much as they can.

All this aside, Emma cannot stop fantasizing about him. He’s the most handsome man she’s ever met. However, he doesn’t care about her. She’s not even on his radar. But Emma has a plan to captivate the ruthless businessman. 

Driven by K. Bromberg

This book follows the regular Rylee Thomas & the successful bad boy Colton Donovan. It’s sweet and sexy, but also has intense moments intermingled with romantic ones. This book will awaken feelings that you never knew you had. Driven will teach you some important lessons about life but also keep you entertained until the very end.

This book is beyond amazing. Rylee will become your new favorite heroine. It starts a bit slow, but picks up the pace as tensions increase between Rylee and Colton. It will definitely be worth your time. Not to mention it has K Bromberg’s signature “romantic scenes” in it!

Driven will drive you into the unforgettable story of Colton Donovan and Rylee Thomas full of love, lust, and redemption. He lives his life to the fullest. He’s always testing his limits. And he’s got everything a man can ever dream of: women, success and media attention. Everything, but her.

She’s the exception this playboy can’t win over. He’s damaged on the inside. And she doesn’t need someone to cut her healing heart open. They both know that they have no chance together. Yet, he crashes into her life, without apology for disrupting her world. In the process, he tests her limits, uncovering her dark past and revealing her deepest cravings.

Their chemistry is undeniable and their attraction is tempting. Although he won’t let her in, there’s something captivating about Colton that she cannot deny. They’re just perfectly imperfect together. If you like bad boy romances, this one will stand out. 

In Flight by R. K. Lilley

If you like the 50 Shades of Grey style reads with a rich alpha male, you will absolutely love In Flight. Aside from the similarities with 50 Shades of Grey, you will also recognize an original and refreshing voice.

Bianca will make you wonder what you really want out of love and how to get it. She’s confident and able to put every man to his knees, begging for it. To her, he’s just another dominant who wants to control everything and everyone. This book covers all bases from dirty talking and explicit scenes to romantic and tender moments.

James Cavendish is a billionaire hotel owner and Bianca is a hard girl to win over. But that’s to change soon.

When Bianca, the down-to-earth flight attendant starts noticing James Cavendish, he slowly becomes her weakness; a temptation that she cannot resist.

For a girl that can resist almost anyone, she finds herself unusually weak when they first meet. She can’t stop thinking about his captivating turquoise gaze.

Dealing with supermodels and movie stars is a part of her job as a first class flight attendant, the billionaire puts all others aside when it comes to the looks department.

His gaze isn’t the only thing she dreams about at night. If it were only that, she would have been able to resist his charm and intentions.

He has that dominant pull since the very first moment they meet. Innocent Bianca can’t resist the temptation in his eyes, promising her the best time of her life while mixing pleasure with pain.

Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss

This book, along with the rest of Julie Kriss books will leave you happy and fluttery in the end. A well-written and romantic story that you will wish were true. You will feel happiness, a lot of excitement, tension and eventually hunger. Once you get to the very end, you’ll want more. Overall, this is a great quick and dirty read.

Bad Billionaire follows a man who is, as the title says, a bad billionaire. He’s a shady character with the past to back up that statement.

When he got out of prison, he inherited a billion dollars. He doesn’t care about the money. He’s not into fancy dinners, penthouses, private jets and stuff like that.

He doesn’t care if he lives or dies today. His real interest is finding the woman that gave him an unforgettable night - and seek revenge upon the bastard that hurt her. 

Virtuous by Marie Force

Virtuous is the first book of the trilogy by Marie Force that will practically ‘force’ you to read the other two. The writing is fantastic, as well as the structure of the story. Throughout the book, you will feel touched by Flynn’s sacrifices to win Natalie over.

You will find no unnecessary drama circling their relationship. This read is an erotic romance that will make you remember the beauty of true love. The story doesn’t revolve around the sex, but more around the personality of the characters and the struggles they encounter.

He’s a submissive-dominant - and she’s said goodbye to sex in general. There’s no chance their relationship can ever work. Or can it?

After encountering a traumatic event at a young age, Natalie Bryant spent years working on herself while shaping the woman she is today. She’s a down-to-earth, happy teacher enjoying her first winter in New York with Fluff, her loyal dog, by her side.

She’s not expecting her life to change anytime soon - until her dog bites the biggest movie star in the world.

Flynn Godfrey is smitten by the average Natalie at first sight. He knows that she’s the woman for him and that letting her go isn’t an option. While he didn’t expect to be attracted to such a different person in the first place - he’s taken further aback when she won’t sleep with him.

Can he tame his demons and turn his back on his past lifestyle? Is he strong enough to suppress the sexual desire for Natalie and respect her choice?

Breach by K. I. Lynn

Life is more than just breathing. It’s the moments that take your breath away.

She’s a simple woman, living a simple life, doing a simple job and passing through life quietly. In fact, she does nothing more exciting than eating, breathing, working and sleeping until one day where she gets help at work from Nathan Thorne.

He’s the sexy, arrogant asshole who she hates because she thinks he’s full of bullshit. However, she can sense there’s something more hiding beneath the surface. But she’s not the only one able to see through masks. He can see right through her, too. The tension between the two quickly builds to a steamy climax.

Hearing his dirty talking for one night makes her fall for a person she once hated. The sex is dirty, passionate, violent and everything she’s ever dreamed of. However, she feels empty on the inside because deep down she knows that he can never love her.

Yet, she still sticks around. Where’s her dignity? Why isn’t this enough for her to walk away and never turn around?

If you’re looking for something real, Breach is the book for you. Breach presents a forbidden affair with kinky moments, dirty talk and heartbreak once she realizes he can never love her.

There are intense moments that will make you feel excited and very jealous of their relationship. This book will teach you that you don’t have to feel guilty if you’re physically attracted to a person you cannot stand.

This book wastes no time getting to the steamy parts - you’re already getting it at page 15. The dirty talking alpha male will definitely make you get lost in the story. And if you’re expecting a lousy heroine, sorry to disappoint you because Delilah Palmer has a backbone. Both characters will leave you wanting to know more about their inner issues, instead of rolling your eyes and stopping at a boring finish.

Hero by Samantha Young

Just like any other girl, Alexa Holland considered her father a hero until one day, she and her mother came to a shocking discovery.

Her hero had a second family!

This affected Alexa’s life in a bad way, making her question her own identity while facing her father’s darkest secrets.

She then meets a man who’s affected by her father’s actions too. Deciding to help him, Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with Alexa. His rejection brings them closer in a strange way, leading to an explosive affair. Only Caine knows he cannot become the hero that Alexa lost when she lost to her father’s decisions. Yet, he finds that he’ll do everything in his power to protect her from getting hurt again.

Unforgettable. Emotional. New York Times bestseller. A book worth your time and money.

At first glance, you will think that it’s just another billionaire-falls-for-the-girl-next-door book. As you go deeper, you will end up amazed and surprised by the events and how Samantha Young tells a story.

With this book, it’s like she took your favorite cliche book and turned it into a truly unforgettable reading experience. You will adore this book, starting from the stubborn but still vulnerable heroine to the arrogant but tormented hero.

You won’t believe the energy between them, nor what goes on behind closed doors. 

Alright, that’s it!

What did you think of list of the top billionaire romance novels? Did we miss any? Did we include something you didn't like? Let us know in the comments below!