Best Fantasy Romance Books

If you’re a fan of the fantasy romance genre or wish to dive into this world of magic, this list can serve you as a starting point. Each one of these novels represents a whole new world of passion mixed with superpowers, cruelty, betrayal, and dilemma. You will be taken on a journey that you will never forget. Even longtime readers who don’t prefer this genre admit that these novels are booming and too good to be out of this world.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Graceling is a YA fantasy book written by Kristin Cashore. The novel earned a spot on the Publishers Weekly as Best Book of the Year in 2008. It received positive reviews and was accompanied by another book, Fire.

The sequel, Bitterblue, represents events that took place eight years after the events in the first book. It was published in 2012, by Dial Press. Graceling was the winner of the SIBA Award/YA for 2009.

Graceling will shake your knees the first time you read it. It tells the story of the soft yet hardened Katsa. She’s intelligent and attractive, but there’s something more to her story.

She’s born in the Seven Kingdoms where chosen people are born with a special talent - and Katsa’s talent is killing. As the king’s niece, she’s forced to use her unique skills to enforce his will.

One day, she meets the charming Prince Po and unexpectedly falls in love with him. Her life begins to change the second she sees him. She never expected to become friends with such a man before - and she definitely didn’t expect to find out the truth lying behind her talent.

The secret that she discovers could destroy all seven kingdoms.

Graceling is one of those unforgettable novels that you cannot put down until you finish it. Exhilarating, rageful and wistful, this book will take you on a journey that you will enjoy.

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Written by Maria V. Snyder, Poison Study represents a fantasy novel published back in 2005. It’s also the first part of the Poison Study series telling the story of a 20-year-old girl who’s given a chance to live again, after spending almost a year in a dungeon waiting to be executed. However, she’s given a second chance. A chance to fill the often deadly role of the Commander’s food taster.

What would you choose if you had to - a possible death by poison, or a for sure brutal execution? Yelena chooses to become the food taster and gets to taste the best meals, live in a palace while risking her own life due to the Commander’s bad reputation and numerous enemies trying to kill him on a daily basis.

To keep things really interesting, the chief of security purposefully poisons her with the lethal Butterfly Dust. She must receive a daily antidote in order to delay the agonizing death.

This story will take you on quite the journey, from rebel uprising to the main character developing magical powers that she can’t control. Where it all ends? You’ll need to read the book to find out! 

Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fire is a fantasy romance written by Kristin Cashore. She’s an American author known for her book Graceling. Fire is a sequel to Graceling that tells a story of a young beast that takes a human form.

She’s despised because of her supernatural powers and other differences. The book was placed as fourth on The New York Times Best Seller list. It also won a Cybils Award under YA sci-fi/Fantasy, ALA Best Books for Young Adults in 2010, and a few other awards.

In the book, King Nash holds tightly to his throne while rebellious lords of the south and north gather armies to displace him.

War is in the air and the mountains hide thieves and spies. It’s the place where Fire lives too.

She’s the girl with an extraordinary beauty that’s impossible to resist.

She’s able to control the mind of people around her - which she realizes could save the entire kingdom. Hesitant because of her father’s past ways, this is an entertaining journey that follows the heroine Fire as she becomes involved with the kingdom’s royal family.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

In A Court of Mist and Fury, Feyre managed to survive Amarantha’s grasps to get back to the Spring Court - but at a high cost. Although she’s got the powers of the High Far, she still holds onto a human heart.

She’s not capable of forgetting all the nasty things she’s done. She can’t forget her bargain with the High Lord of the feared Night Court, the mighty Rhysand.

As she navigates into the dark world of politics, dazzling power, undeniable passion, and great evil, she realizes that she might just stop it with her harrowing gifts.

A Court of Thorns and Roses has a similar storyline like the Beauty and the Beast, and it is the second part of Sarah J. Maas’ second series that was published back in 2016.

The series was written in 2009 but not published until 2015. A Court of Thorns and Flowers is the first part published in 2015. The third part is titled A Court of Wings and Ruin released in 2017.

There’s a novella entitled A Court of Frost and Starlight that came out in 2018 and a coloring book of A Court of Thorns and Roses. The popularity of this book is apparent - and you should give it a chance, too!

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

A third and last novel of the Infernal Device series, Clockwork Princess represents a masterpiece written by Cassandra Clare.

This book features the journey and adventures of Tessa Grey, as she fights her final battle.

The book is written in the third person but told from the protagonist’s frame of mind.

As for the series, the Infernal Devices focuses on the Shadowhunters, a race introduced in Clare’s Mortal Instruments series.

The novel received a positive critical reception and made it to the New York Times Manga Best Seller list. It reached a score of 4.3/5 on Goodreads - which is quite high!

Danger, passion, and betrayal are common place in the Infernal Devices trilogy. Shadows start to circle around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute.

Mortmain has a plan to use his army of cruel automatons in order to end the Shadowhunters. But something is missing; Tessa Gray. He needs her to complete the plan.

Head of the London Institute, Charlotte Branwell, desperately searches Mortmain before he attacks. And when he captures Tessa, Jim, and Will, both in love with her will do just anything to get break her free of his claws. But as they try as hard as they can to save her, she finally realizes that she doesn’t want to be saved. Neither of the boys who’re into her can win her heart because someone else has already won it.

The main question now is is she able to handle a whole army of Shadowhunters on her own? If you’re into fantasy, romantic and unpredictable stories, this is the book for you.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

A YA high fantasy book written by Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass is a part of series that appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. In fact, it was even listed for a television series adaptation by Mark Gordon. It will premiere on Hulu. The story features Celaena Sardothien, a teenage hit-girl in a corrupted kingdom ruled by a cruel master. As her story proceeds, she discovers a conspiracy about her adventures. The final book of the series is expected to be released in 2018. It will be the seventh book that will probably set the readers on fire like the previous six. Each and one is too good to miss.

After slaving in the salt mines of Endovier as a punishment for her crimes, Celaena Sardothien, an 18-year-old female hit-girl is introduced to Crown Prince. He offers her freedom in exchange for her skills. She has to compete as his champion to find a fresh, bloodthirsty assassin that will serve him. Although she’s a female, he sets her up with male assassins, testing her skills and preparedness. Things get more complicated when the prince starts showing interest in her, as well as her trainer. Intriguing, romantic, but also intense, cruel. Once you dive into this book, you will definitely get addicted.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire, or also known as Mistborn: The Final Empire, or just Mistborn represents a fantasy book written by Brandon Sanderson, an American author who published the novel back in 2006 with the help of Tor Books. It’s the first part of the Mistborn trilogy that seduced the public. The second book, entitled The Well of Ascension was published one year after, while The Hero of Ages, the third and final part was released in 2008. The first novel was nominated for an Epic Fantasy Novel.
Even Forbes wrote a short description of the books in the Mistborn series, saying that the narrative is made with such sharp precision that makes it impossible not to love it.

For centuries the ash kept flowers from blooming. For centuries the Skaa dwelled in fear and slave in agony. For centuries the Lord Ruler ruled with ultimate terror and absolute power, appealingly invincible. And when all the hope was lost, the heart-broken half-Skaa named Kelsier renewed it in the darkest corners of the ruler’s worst prison. He wound inner strength and powers that he never knew he had, the potential of a Mistborn.

As a natural leader and professional thief, he managed to turn his powers against the ruler. He gathered the underworld’s elite to accomplish his ultimate dream, and that is, to unseat the ruler. Until one day, he meets a half-Skaa girl who doesn’t trust anyone. He will teach her how to bring her powers to perfection and learn how to fight along his side. But will his ultimate plan lose importance when love comes along?

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

This book tells a story about a 19-year-old girl, a huntress that kills a wolf in the woods.
After, a monster-like creature comes for revenge.
Taken to a magical piece of land like she’s only heard of in legends, the young Feyre realizes that her enslaver isn’t an animal but an immortal, lethal Tamlin, one of many faeries who once ruled over the world.


As she lives on his estate, Feyre slowly develops feelings for the mighty Tamlin. She turns from ice princess into a passionate woman ready to discover the world of love. However, an ancient shadow comes after his land and Feyre has to find a way to stop it to give up.
The first book of the series by the same name, A Court of Thorns and Roses, written by the famous Sarah J. Maas, will blow your mind.

It will take you on a journey that will very much remind you of the legendary story of the Beauty and the Beast.

The trilogy was written in 2009 but published back in 2015. The second part is entitled A Court of Mist and Fury, while the third one was released in 2017, entitled A Court of Wings and Ruin.
The most exciting part of reading these books is knowing you will get to watch it soon. The trilogy is on its way to becoming a movie.

It’s impossible to put down the book and not continue with the second and third one as you finish it!

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

A fantasy novel that’s definitely worth your time, attention, and money, Elantris will introduce you to a whole new world of magic.

The book was first released in 2005 with the help of Tor Books. And if you’re a fan of Sanderson, you probably know that it’s his first ever published book.

Licensed to be released in Poland, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands, this book was his first major success. However, he never stopped surprising with new intriguing novels of the same genre. Elantris gained many positive reviews because the novel represents an epic tale like no other on the market.

Elantris, the gigantic, literally radiant, beautiful capital of Arelon was inhabited with benevolent creatures that used their superpowers and magic to serve others. The twist is that each of these beings was an ordinary person before turning into demigods.

After ten years of happiness and peace, the magic disappeared without a warning. Elantrians turned into powerless beings, such as the city itself. Everything was covered in darkness and evil.

Kae was pronounced as the new capital, throwing a shade on Elantris. Until a princess of Teod, Sarene, arrives in the town to search for true love. And so the story begins.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Thrown out of her home, the city of Reverie, Aria is aware that her chances of survival in the Death Shop as a dweller are small.

Until one day she meets the mighty Perry, an outsider who’s the definition of wilderness and survival.

He’s a savage, but has mercy for Aria because of her fragile soul. However, he could use her help because he believes that she’s the one hiding the key to his redemption.

Written by the legendary Veronica Rossi, Under the Never Sky, is the very first YA novel of her trilogy. The trilogy was such a major success that the Warner Brothers Studios acquired film rights over it.

Sold in over 25 markets, the trilogy has received many positive reviews.

The second book, Through the Ever Night, was published in 2013, while the first one came out in 2012 and paved Rossi’s way into the writing world. The third book, Into the Still Blue, published in 2014 didn’t receive as much attention as the previous two. Common features for all books are the smooth prose and hopeful ending.

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