Best Young Adult Romance Books

Young adult is taken about as loosely as the billionaires in billionaire romance novels. You don’t exactly need to fit the description to enjoy these books. People of all ages love young adult fiction, not excluding the romantic side of the bookshelf.

Finding steamy romance books for young adults can be a fun journey. While not as "explicit" as some of the lit aimed at a more mature demographic (50 shades, anyone?) this genre still satisfies the emotional part of the brain and leaves your heart fluttering. 

Here's Our Steamy & Romantic YA Novels

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

After a medical miracle, Hazel is still terminal with the end looming ever close. With love seemingly the last thing she could think about, suddenly Augustus Waters comes into her life. Gripped by love after meeting at a Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s life is about to change.

This YA romance book is an absolute emotional roller coaster. While the story is heartbreaking by nature, it is also warm and funny - and has many moments we can all learn from in it. Some people avoid this book due to the serious subject matter, but it is a piece of literary work and will have you turning the pages to the end. It is a love story through and through.

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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This book needs no introduction, but you’re going to get one anyways. This entire series is an incredibly prominent piece of YA romance that lives in a fantasy world of romance and the paranormal. In the first book, the heroine Bella Swan and Edward Cullen cross paths . After moving to a seemingly normal small town, Bella becomes entangled in Edward’s world. Which just happens to be one where he’s a vampire, and so is his whole family.

This book has die hard fans and haters alike, but the fact of the matter is - it’s a steamy YA novel that has people absolutely hooked. While it’s far from a literary masterpiece from a writing perspective, the story is interesting and if you love love, you’ll love Twilight. If you enjoy YA romance books and the paranormal and you’re not looking for a masterpiece, this book will likely satisfy you. 

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

This is a heartfelt romantic novel that takes place in a high school setting. Two 16 year olds find themselves in love's embrace, and the story follows them throughout a year of school. The two main characters are Eleanor and Park. Both equally as awkward, Eleanor is infatuated with Park, and Park comes to adore Eleanor.

This young adult romance will tug at your heart strings and teleport you back into your high school days. Young love is the forefront of this book, but it also hits on other subjects such as fitting in, domestic violence, bullying, poverty and body image. All in all, it is a great read on first love and if you enjoy John Green, you’ll probably like Rowell’s work as well. 

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The selection represents an opportunity to transcend class and cement oneself in a new, lavish world of luxury and freedom. This opportunity is offered to 35 girls, as they vye for the heart of handsome Prince Maxon. Nonetheless, the selection process completely disregards everything that is occuring in their lives at the time - including heroine America Singer’s secret love with Aspen. Eventually questioning everything she knows, America has many choices to make - that she originally wanted nothing to do with.

The Selection by Kiera Cass takes place in a dystopian future where society is segregated by class, and expectations are held that you do not associate with a lower class. It has an interesting story that follows America Singer through her love filled adventures, and the choices she must make as new opportunity unfolds. 

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

At seven years, Mia lives in a world where she has many choices on her hands. Passion versus passion, she must make her mind up and choose what she really wants out of life. She struggles with her options until the day she goes for a fateful February morning drive. Clarity becomes apparent and she knows she only wants one thing in life.

If I Stay is a heartfelt book that will stay in your memory long after you close the cover. With so many things going on, you’ll be left pondering the details. It’s a book that has been picked up and read many times over, and has cemented itself as a classic and reached #1 status on the New York Times bestseller list. Oh, and you might cry. Sorry. 

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones starts out with the main character witnessing a gruesome murder - that vanished into thin air. Not a drop of blood on the scene - not the mention the killers used strange weapons she had not seen before and were covered in tattoos.

These killers are Shadowhunters, and the violent scene is Clary Fray’s first meeting with them. The Shadowhunters are warriors dedicated to getting rid of the demons that walk the earth. In the group there’s Jace - a jerk that’s easy on the eyes. After the initial meeting, Clary Fray is pulled into Jace’s world and becomes engaged with their life’s work.

City of Bones is part of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal instruments series and is loved by her fans. She has a very loyal fanbase for her work in the paranormal romance genre. While this series is aimed at a younger audience, people over their 20s read and enjoy it too. This is definitely a young adult read worth checking out if you live the paranormal! 

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